Welcome to the FG Insight Datahub

Welcome to the Datahub, brought to you by AgriBriefing.

Every day, we collect financial and market data relevant to the UK agriculture market and make it available to our subscribers via the Datahub, where you can view the latest prices, analyse trends over time and compare prices between UK livestock markets.

Start using our data repository by clicking on one of the sections below.

To get the most out of Datahub it is best viewed on tablet, laptop or desktop devices.

Livestock prices    
Get the latest finished and store prices for individual markets across the country, categorised by species and type and alter the time period to view market trends.
Arable prices    
Get the latest domestic, European and international grain and oilseed, futures and feed ingredient prices and view trends by your specified time period.
Energy prices    
View FG Insight's own weekly red diesel price estimate and futures prices for oil, gas, ethanol and distillers' grains.
Exchange rates    
Use our currency converter to change world currencies into pounds or euros and view currency trend graphs for each currency.